Florida Kayak Adventures offers Eco Tours in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Titusville, FL


Kayak Tours

Custom Private Tour including kayak, paddle, life jacket, water, sunscreen, and more. 2-3 Hours on the water with your own guide.  Minimum two people.  Trips scheduled around your time and are available on any day with advance reservations.

60.00 Dollars per person.

Group tours.  This is an opportunity to join with other like minded people and see what wildlife and adventures await in the Lagoon or on the rivers.  Group tours are 2 hours on the water.  Check the calendar for available dates and times.  We offer these tours twice a day.  The first is at 9 am and the second at noon weather permitting.  We fill up the early tour first whenever possible.  These tours require a minimum of four booked guests.

Tours are 40.00 per person.

Group Kayak Eco Tour Private Kayak Tour
Eco Kayak Tour (Cocoa Beach) Custom Private Kayak Tour (Haulover)


Bioluminescence Night Tours

It is almost that time of year for the Bioluminescence to arrive.  Two hour Group Night tours viewing this incredible event will be offered on nights with little or no moon this summer and are available for 40.00 per person with a minimum of 4 people.  Private Tours are 55.00 per person with a minimum of two people.

Bioluminescence Night Tours (Haulover)


Beautiful Sunset Tour at Haulover


Sunset Tour at Haulover