Questions we have encountered and the answers

How much do your Kayaks Hold?

This usually means like me you or someone you know are on the XL size and want to be comfortable.  Our Kayaks generally hold 500-650 lbs.  We have life jackets ranging from kids to the 4xl I wear.  If you weigh more then 300 or taller then 6’6″ just give us a heads up so we can get you set up in a kayak and life jacket that will be comfortable for you.  

Will I get wet?

It doesn’t happen often but you could.  Unlike at Seaworld where you can move to higher seats you will be in the potential splash zone during your trip.  Water does drip off the paddles when you lift them over you and there is always a chance of being splashed by a dolphin or manatee if you get too close.  I have only seen it a few times on the night trips.  Bring a towel and leave it in your car just in case.  If you are worried about your camera or keys I would suggest bringing something you can put them in to keep them dry.

What should I tip the Guide?

Friends of ours have a slogan painted on thier vehicles “Waves and Winds can tip your Kayak but only you can tip your guide”.  Like most in the service or tour industry the guides work for salary plus tips.  Gratuities are never required but always appreciated!  Tips can go from zero to 100 for a family of four.  It really is a cultural and personal philosophy up to you.  Average tip is 5-10 per person if your guide works hard for you.  If they go way beyond you may want to show your appreciation by adding more.  If you are tight on funds they understand and don’t worry we just want everyone to enjoy!

Craziest Question this past year?

This is from what turned out to be a great customer who was worried because they didn’t swim.  “Do your Boats float?”  We actually get that question a couple times a year.  Yes they float.  In Cocoa Beach we use sit in tandems.  On our Private tours in Titusville we use tandem or single Sit on Top Kayaks.  Both work great at getting you out on the water for fun and back in to shore in one piece.  Sit on tops take a little better abuse but can be a wetter boat.  The sit on tops are easier to get in and out of from in the water so our guides use them in case we get out to show you something or to help you with anything.  If you don’t swim, its okay, you can still enjoy the trip. A lot of the areas we are in are waist deep or less.  Let your guide know so they can keep and eye out for you and keep your life jacket on.  Better safe then sorry.

If you have any questions please call and ask we would be glad to answer and look forward to seeing you on the water!