Cocoa Beach Kayaking - Guided Nature Tours in Cocoa Beach, Florida

What Our Guests Say

Many of our guests at Cocoa Beach Kayaking are visitors to Cocoa Beach, but many are locals who have never kayaked before. Whether you're a visitor, a local, an experienced kayaker or someone who's never kayaked before - Cocoa Beach Kayaking's guided eco-tours are for you. Check it out for yourself and see what our guests have to say about Cocoa Beach Kayaking.

Jess led us on a great tour of the Mangrove coves.  We saw several Manatee, dolphin and unique large birds.  I recommend this tour to anyone.  The paddling is easy and stress free.  It was nice to get away from the sounds of technology for a while and experience the environment.

Larry Shuford

We had a wonderful tour with Jess as our guide. She is exceedingly familiar with the thousand islands and the Banana River. We highly recommend this kayak tour.

John & Nancy

Thankyou so much for the fun tour Mickey, we saw several manatees, dolphin, birds, so much fun in the sun.

Sam Holden

We had a magical experience we'll never forget. The sounds, The breeze even on such a hot day, and the animal encounters were the best. Jess is so knowledgeable about this environment and pointed out things I'd otherwise have missed. A relaxing, highly recommended, "must do".


I especially appreciated the way Jess customized the tour for us; making sure that we each got to see and do what we hoped. Manatees, birds, islands, dolphins, manarays, all in the pristine, untouched, natural setting of a Thousand Islands. Old or young, this is the tour for you, if you're wondering. I'm going again in December.


Great trip, the kayaks were tandem. Jess was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area and fielded a wide variety of questions. The hats, sunglasses and sunscreen came in handy. It was a great way to get off the roads and see some wilderness in florida. Seeing and meeting cast of regular animals was unexpected and great. You must go!


I did this trip last year with my family that consisted of adults and kids of all ages, and everyone could not say enough about it. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! I am a Travel Agent and have suggested this trip to them to take before or after their cruise, and the ones who did this said it was the best excursion they did! I highly recommend this to everyone and especially through this company as they truly love these animals and you learn about them and the eco system as well!

Thanks So Much

We toured with Mickey and he's such a nice man, very kind and patient. He knows the area and the animals and has stories that will keep you laughing the whole way. It was a pleasant, laid back, kind of tour. Mickey didn't rush us, we had plenty of time to watch the manatees and still see other wildlife too. I would highly recommend this company for your kayaking tour!


Awesome You will not set a kayak speed record at Cocoa Beach Kayaking. You will be treated to a nice leisurely trip with a guide who has been doing things long enough to know all of the cranes, herons, dolphins and manatees by name, and can tell you their life stories from birth. You expect the kayak and the paddle - the polarized sunglasses, hats, drinks, and towels are a nice extra. A must-do in Cocoa Beach.


As two "mature" women, we were impressed and delighted with how the paddling and the in and out of the kayak were not as strenuous as expected.  The 2 1/2 hour trip was a delight and Jess was the best guide we could have had.  Her knowledge of the lagoon, the wildlife and the weather added to the overall experience.  We had fun!!!

Carol and MaryLou

This is our 2nd year, this time with Mike. Excellent tour and plenty of time watch and photograph the manatees. It's nice not to be lectured but just to ask questions and enjoy ourselves and be at one with nature. Will be back next year for another quality trip


Our trek through the mangroves was AWESOME. Mickey is so knowledgeable, not only about the dolphins, manatees, mangroves, birds and other wildlife in the area, but also of the area history.


Went on the tour with Jess.  It was a great afternoon.  She was both fun and very informative. I had never been in a kayak before.  It was very easy and relaxing.  Convinced me to go ahead and buy one.  Thanks again Jess.  Sorry about your Colts!


Mickey gave us a fabulous tour with so much interesting information.  Between the fun of watching the manatees right next to our boats, and paddling through the lush green tunnels of the Amazon area of the Thousand Islands it was a truly memorable experience.

Dee & Bob

Mickey gave us a great tour today---Mark wanted to avoid too  much sun and Mickey obliged by touring the mangroves---what a neat time!  Thanks for the great value!

Mark and Wendy

Micky took us on a great trip just after Thanksgiving.  We saw dolphins up close and a manatee came right to our boats.  We had reluctant novice kayakers and experienced paddlers, and all had a terrific time.


Very good tour of the islands. Mickey did a great job as our guide and was extremely informative of the native surroundings. We'll go again next time down.

Chad & Chelsi

I just want to take a moment to say how much my group of six enjoyed the kayaking yesterday. Mickey was great and showed that he is very knowledgeable about the area, very good with people, and even better at herding cats in kayaks. He also added the personal touch of remembering peoples names  something any customer appreciates. This was a Christmas gift for some visiting family from Maryland and they loved every minute of the tour.


Had a really enjoyable tour today with Micky. He is very knowledgeable and has a great low key way of explaining things. We had a first time kayaker who was afraid of the water in our group & micky had her paddling like a pro  in no time. We saw dolphins, manatees upclose & personal and a variety of birds life.Definitely a fun trip!

Don & Mary Anne

We had a great experience with Mickey during our visit this weekend.  The close up viewing of the manitees, dolphins, other wildlife and Florida nature is unforgetable.  Our group ranged from ages 10 to 60+ and the experience was enjoyed by all.This is a MUST DO during your visit to Florida!!

Mike Miller

Went Kayaking for my birthday and had never been on the water down here in Florida. Jessica is a great tour guide and very informative about the wildlife.  The scenery was just beautiful.  Will do again.

Catherine Newman

Just went on my first on Sat 3/31/12. It was an amazing trip. We saw 4 manatee playing, a horseshoe crab up close and several local birds.  Was well worth the money spent and will be doing that again when I visit next time. Thanks so much for all the info shared and awesome experiences. The sunscreen and water provided was very much appreciated too. Mickey was a great guide and super informative.


Myself and a coworker took our spouses on this trip and it was well worth the money.  Mickey our guide was incredible and very informative.  I would recommend this trip for people who love nature and want to learn more about the local area.  If we ever get back to Cocoa Beach we'll do this trip again!


For all who read this comment and don't know if they want to choose this tour - if you love nature and wildlife, if you want to see animals like Dolphins, Manatees, local birds and many more in their area, without disturbing them, if you want to enjoy all this in a small group, with an excellent guide - you have to choose this tour!!! We'll always remember it and we'll keep these memories forever! Special greetings to Jess and thanks again for a wonderful tour 🙂

Ines and Martin

Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable day. What a fantastic time with the dolphins and manatees.  Micky was a great guide full of lots of interesting and fun facts - and the trip was amazing.

Peter and Brenda

It was an absolutely amazing 3 hours. We saw 5 dolphins, 2 manatees, and a bunch of birds. The tour guide, Mickey, was really great. I would highly recommend going.

Tyler - Age 12

Jess was a great guide, very informative.  It was a nice relaxing tour.  Saw manatees, dolphins, tarpins, mulletts, ospreys, and pelicans.  Memorable time!  We will be back.  Thank you Jess.

Lonnie and Susan

Mickey was the perfect guide for us.  He shared his understanding of the ecology and biodiveristy, as well as the history of his home as he lead us on a fascinating tour.  We didn't just "see" manatee, we were formally introduced.

Mike, Michelle & Isaac

Mickey, Thank you for a great time! Evelyn and I really enjoy the scenery, learning about the area and expecially greeting the manatees. Thank you again! We hope to see you soon. God Bless!


My parents, husband and I took a 8:00am kayaking trip on Saturday, July 21st with Mickey. It was beyond fabulous. Mickey could not have been a better guide. Not only did he graciously deal with the complications of an upset stomach and the prospect of having two people cancel at the last minute, but he went out of his way to make sure that everyone, regardless of weather or not they were to be on the trip, was happy.  The trip itself was amazing. Mickey was very knowledgable about the wildlife and flora!

Diana Perez

Our time with Mickey out on the water was one of the highlights of our honeymoon in Cocoa Beach.  He was a consumate professional who was very easy to get along with and also extremely knowledgeable.  Our trip turned out to be both entertaining and educating.  Mickey and Cocoa Beach Kayaking helped us make a make a memory that we will never forget.  If us or any of our friends and family ever make a trip to Cocoa Beach, we will definitely recommend Cocoa Beach Kayaking

Josh and Rosie

First time for us and we really enjoyed it. Thanks to Jessica for an informative tour. Loved watching the manatees, dolphins, birds, and especially the close up of the "moon" jellyfish.

Sharon & Charley

We went out with Mickey and had a great time.  Lots of birds, especially osprey, but no luck with manatee or gators. Learned a LOT and had a great time doing it.

The Hollenbergs

We had a wonderful tour of the beautiful Thousand Islands led by Mickey. We saw many varieties of birds, as well as several sightings of dolpin. For the finale, we were able to get a closeup look at a family of manatees. Passing through the mangrove channels was one of our favorite parts of the trip. Mickey was a friendly, informative and humorous tour guide. We also appreciated Jessica's help in scheduling our group of 11. I highly recommend this tour!


We went out with Mickey and had a fantastic time.  He was so informative about nature as well as the history of the area.  We will definitely kayak with Mickey again on our next visit to FL.

The McMillans

Terrific time with Jessica.Total learning and fun experience. Recommend to all who visit this area!

Sony & Rose

Thoroughly enjoyed our 1st kayaking experience led by Mickey.  We saw a manatee, many dolphins, and enjoyed the trip through the Mangroves.  Mickey is very knowledgable about the area, the wildlife, and the history.  And a highlight right at the end...a dolphin jumped up a foot from our kayak...what a fantastic experience!  Thanks, Mickey!

Sherri & Gary

We had a great experience with Mickey.  So very knowledgeable about the area.  Will definitely go again.

Rhonda Mott

Great scenery and information. Exciting to kayak next to manatees while dolphins were swiming ahead. Definately recommend to all.

Peters Family

My wife and I are fairly experienced kayakers.  We really enjoyed the tour.  Mickey was an exceptional and informative guide with a comfortable approach.  We learned a lot about the area.  As a Vietnam veteran, I appreciated the discount and the thanks for my service.  Times have changed for the better.

Charles Cannady

My son and I were down recently and I cannot say enough nice things about our experience! Absolutely wonderful! You won't be disappointed.


Mickey did a wonderful job instructing these four first-time-kayakers and guiding us through a tour lasting over three hours.  Imagine our surprise when a dolphin jumped about 3 feet in front of one kayak and schools of smaller fish jumped in unison beside our kayak.  Mickey provided much insight into the make-up of the mangroves, the history of the area and the wildlife living there.  Everything promised was provided and we enjoyed ourselves much more than we anticipated. Will definitely repeat this trip.

Nancy Bailey

My husband, three boys, and myself had a wonderful time on the water with Mickey. My youngest, 10, was a little tired by the end but perked right up when we spotted dolphins on our way back in to the dock. Mickey was an amazing guide, sharing his knowledge and stories of his experiences he has had in the area, and his knowledge of the animals.


One of the best days of our vacation was kayaking with Mickey.  He was very knowledgeable and easy to be with.  My teenagers, husband and I can't recommend this trip enough!

Therese B.

My daughter and I were highly impressed with Mickey's knowledge of the wildlife and the area - he was so helpful! We loved seeing the manatees and the dolphins! Especially when they were so close to our kayak! Thank you so much for a wonderful tour! We will be back! 🙂

Shawna B.

Mickey was a great tour guide, it was the best kayak tour we have ever been on! We saw manatee, birds, stingrays, and even got to play with a horseshoe crab! It was great to not just see the wildlife but to interact with it! We learnt lots and had a wonderful time.  We will definitley be back!

The Best Family

My family and I will be talking about this kayaking adventure for years to come. It is the only way to experience Florida at it's best. It was our first time in a kayak, but Mickey was a great instructor and we were on our way and comfortable on the water in no time. Mickey shared his knowlege of the ecosystem and history of Cocoa Beach. What a great guide! We had a blast!! Thanks Mickey for making this experience so enjoyable.

Sharon from Iowa

We had a wonderful experience with Mickey, our guide and naturalist extraordinaire. Very thorough pre-trip instruction and helpful tips about what to do and what to avoid, made sure everyone had sun protection and hydration, allowed us to travel at our own pace, and seemed to know where the manatees were hanging out (we saw lots!). An overall very enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend.

Roland Halpern

My 5 year old and my dad set out for our first kayaking experience.....on a beautiful sunny day. It was a GREAT tour with an AMAZING PARADISE feeling when eight dolphins surfaced to swim around us! Definitely worth it 🙂

Zaneta & Family

We have had several wonderful kayaking trips with Mickey and this one was no different! There is so much to see and experience. I love that my children (from Ohio) get to spend this time in nature exploring and learning about the environment and its wonderful creatures, including dolphins, manatees, several types of birds, horseshoe crabs, etc. Mickey's history and knowledge of the area is outstanding, but his personality is what makes it so enjoyable for all! This is a must-do if you are in the area!

Ratliff Family